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AKV EUROPAAlpenländischer Kreditorenverband is an independent Association, officially recognized by the relevant Austrian supreme authorities for the Protection of Creditor Rights.

In general, companies and individual persons are in the position of calling upon the help of a Creditor Protection Association, if they face potential financial losses, both in extrajudicial situations and in bankruptcies in Austria.

With our headquarters in Vienna and branch offices all over Austria, AKV EUROPA is best placed to represent with our experts your interests in insolvency proceedings at regional courts as well as at district courts offering you optimal support in such a difficult situation.

The long - standing Association - operating already since the early 1920 - provides the following professional services:

Representation in Insolvency Proceedings
Experienced specialists act on your behalf and represent your interests in court with all appropriate legal means in order to make sure to achieve the best possible results in an insolvency case.

Representing a considerable number of clients in the majority of insolvency proceedings, our experts are able to pool the interests of various creditors and to provide an important voice in the court hearings.

Letter Of Authorization
Information For Creditors Regarding Austrian Insolvencies

Management of Trusteeship
In judicial debt regulation procedures (Private Bankruptcy) AKV EUROPA is often appointed by the relevant court to act as trustees for the period of seven years, within which the debtor must cover at least 10% of the proved debt.

Service Provider
As one of Austria’s most experienced and highly recognized organization, our professional staff endeavors to collect your money quickly when your client fails to meet his payment obligations.

Our offices in all provinces of Austria are always familiar with local circumstances and we will not even hesitate to pay a personal visit to your debtor, if necessary.

AKV Services - Application Form For "Clients" (For Collection Services)

Business Information Services
Your liquid funds are certainly a major concern to you. So check with us your potential client in Austria before you start to do business with him.

AKV EUROPA provides business information on companies and on private persons which will be individually tailored to your needs.

The financial situation of your regular clients will always be under your control with our “monitoring system” which will alert you to every financial change of your client.

Business Consultancy
If in any situation you do not have the necessary knowhow in-house, the expert team of AKV EUROPA offers advice and support to find adequate solutions to your operational problems.


Become a member of AKV EUROPA and rely on our various competences whenever you face potential financial losses. The annual membership fee will ensure access to a considerable number of services, some of which free of charge or at reduced prices.

Many of our services you can use ONLINE seven days a week at the website of AKV EUROPA. We provide you direct access to the status of orders that you entrust to our care.


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